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Walking the wetlands around São João lodge in the Brazilian Pantanal


Walking the #wetlands around São João lodge in the Brazilian Pantanal.

Another #TBT from last year during one of the coolest Adventure Weeks I’ve been to. @embraturbrasil wanted to show us the side of #Brazil most people are not familiar with, so they took us to the state of Mato Grosso do Sul.

On our second day we boarded our home for the next couple of days, Joice Tur’s Kayama cruise, which toured us around the Paraguay river to explore the #Pantanal, one of the largest wetlands in the world.

One of the coolest places we visited in the wetlands was Passo do Lontra’s Pousada São João. Here we split in two groups, one that went horseback riding through the wetlands, and another that took a small #hike through them. I went on the hike.

As expected, we ran into some wildlife along the way, like an armadillo under a tree full of Blue Macaws. Our guide also explained a lot about the region, vegetation, wildlife, and even gave us a temporary tattoo using a fruit he pulled of a tree.

The landscapes were beautiful, and walking through the warm water of the wetlands was a really cool experience. And to top it off, once we got back to the lodge, they received us with a delicious traditional pantaneiro barbecue, got to play a super fun soccer match with our guides and learned a little bit about the pantaneiro culture from an authentic pantaneiro cowboy who also shared his tereré with us.

This trip was incredible and it’s hard to pinpoint the best part of it, but this day is definitely fighting for the top place.

Photo taken at: Pantanal, MS

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