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Thunderstorm at Ostional beach


#Thunderstorm at #Ostional #Beach, close to #Nosara. @greenspottravel took me to this beach, which is a preferred nesting spot for sea turtles all year round. It is also a protected area and you may only go turtle sighting with a local guide, both for the protection of the turtles and for the benefit of the community. These people do a great job of taking care of the turtles and their eggs. They are very well informed, and have a pretty cool story to tell on how this activity has developed. Also, they all contribute so there will be rangers patrolling the beach to make sure no one steals the eggs and that turtles are treated well and respected as they should.
#travel #night #ocean #thunder #clouds #stars

Photo taken at: Playa Ostional, Guanacaste

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