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The Valley at the Summit of Sierra de la Laguna


The #Valley at the #Summit of Sierra de la Laguna.

A few years ago, before I even tried climbing Sierra de la Laguna, a friend went there and came back telling stories of this massive valley on the top that felt like a magical place.

He said you are walking through the woods following the trail as you’ve been for the last few hours and suddenly you can hear water running, and then you suddenly exit the woods and find yourself in a massive, beautiful #glade with small rivers and horses roaming free all over te place.

From the moment he told me about it I knew I had to see this place. It still took me a couple of years to go on this adventure, though I failed on the first try. We didn’t have much time, and without a certain knowledge of the trail we decided to turn back to make it to the bottom in time.

Last November I had the chance to give it another shot. As we were closing into The Valley I was trying to figure out how far I got the last time.

We arrived at a creek I recognized, where we made the decision to turn back. 20 minutes later I heard the promised sound of running water. 15 minutes later I see the sight in this photo, the sight I had been waiting for years to see. I couldn’t believe how close we were the last time.

It’s not that often that a place turns out to be exactly as you had imagined it to be: magical, beautiful, massive. I can’t wait to go back to this place in November after the rainy season. Anybody wants to join?

Photo taken at: Sierra de la Laguna

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