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The easy way to La Poza Oscura


The easy way to La Poza Oscura.
Back in our #camping trip to San Dionisio, Casey was leading the way through the #canyon to the huge natural #pool that you can see in the back.
This #crack would have been the easy way there, even if it had a 60+ ft. drop if you slipped, but Casey found out that at the end of the crack there was another drop, not a trail.
So, as skillfully as he went, he came back to us and led us through the hard way, which involved #climbing up the hill a little bit, including a pretty steep and rather smooth #rock face, and navigating a narrow ledge with spiky vegetation and a small climb up and down a resting point to reach the place where I shot the previously-posted pool’s photo.
It wasn’t that hard really, it was pretty fun, as long as you’re comfortable with #heights.

Photo taken at: San Dionisio, Baja California Sur, Mexico

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