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I had already attempted this hike a couple of years before, and it had been in my mind for several years before that.

I did it for the first time with my best friend, who was also doing this particular route for the first time, with no real knowledge of the road ahead and not a lot of time to do it. We eventually reached the point where we decided to turn back before it got too late to hike down, and right there my curiosity led me to drop a pin in my iPhone’s Maps app. As soon as we got cell phone service I checked how far we were from the valley and almost threw my phone against a rock when I realized we were no more than 20 minutes away from seeing it.

I owed myself that sight so, after a couple of years, for my 30th birthday and after 20 years of being a resident in Cabo, I wanted to finally reach the highest peak in Baja California Sur.

Thanks to this hike I got to know an amazing group of people a little bit better, I got to know myself a little bit better through the inevitable meditative state you enter when you challenge yourself and, not only did I scratch the place from my bucket list, but I discovered my favorite place in Baja, a place that truly feels like home.

Thanks, Marco, Thiago, Rachel, Annie, Casey, and Rancho El Refugio for a great trip!

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