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Also as part of the Adventure Travel Tarde Asssociation‘s storytelling team during the ATWS 2016, I was assigned to document a Glacier Cruise in Prince William Sound for the Day of Adventure.

The Summit’s Day of Adventure is always a really exciting day. When the Adventure Travel tribe starts gathering in the conference center to check in for their adventures, it’s always so good to see some familiar faces there to say hi. Everyone is talking about the fantastic adventure they just underwent and you kind of experience all that through their words.

There’s not enough time to fully catch up, though, that will come later. You rush to find your adventure group and rush to your bus, eager to see the sights your trip will offer.

Even on the way to the port in Whittier I was already in awe of the beautiful landscapes that we were passing by. Many of us were clicking away, trying to capture glimpses of those landscapes that changed by the minute as you started approaching the snowy mountains that were only seen in the distance at first.

Our bus driver was probably one of the best drivers I’ve had, as he was also describing the places and situations that were on the road in a really funny, yet informative way. Between the landscapes and his funny comments, the drive felt like a breeze.

The ambience in the bus is super cool, you can hear all the people networking and sharing cool stories along the way. A party on the road. This cool connection followed us as we all boarded the Major Marine Tour‘s Kenai Star and started gathering around the coffee services, which tend to be the most popular and best spots for unexpected networking.

The amazing sights of Prince William Sound didn’t take long to show up, beginning with the glacier that appears over Whittier as you start sailing away.

The crew soon introduced a Park Ranger who guided us with passionate interpretations of the surroundings. They talk about the city of Whittier, about the wildlife we could encounter, about how glaciers are created, and the importance of each of them. They even pulled up an iceberg so we could see it from up close, one of Nature’s fine sculptures.

Unfortunately for me, I missed lunch. I did stop by for some shots, but decided to wait a little bit for the line to clear up, and I got so distracted with the sights and the amazing people I was meeting that I didn’t notice them stop serving lunch. I did hear a lot of praise for the Prime Rib, though, and I’m hoping to go back soon to mend that mistake!

Approaching the glaciers was an experience by itself. The air started to feel colder as we approached it, and what seemed like a small rock of ice started becoming clearly a giant of a Glacier. Distances on water can definitely be misleading. I started thinking of the few stories and photos I saw of people who had been exploring these glaciers in their Pre-Summit Adventures as I began to understand the magnitude of those adventures. Then I stopped daydreaming when I was shaken by a deep roar as the Blackstone glacier calved.

As usual, this Day of Adventure didn’t disappoint. Getting to know really cool people while surrounded by so much natural beauty was a very complete experience, and those cool moments will live on in my memory for ever.

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