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Gray Whale calf blowing a kiss at Allie


A couple of years ago, I got to do my first Adventure Week with the ATTA in Baja California Sur. The opportunity to travel around my own home state was more rewarding than I expected.

This was an amazing opportunity to finally experience many of the amazing spots of Baja I had heard so much about but hadn’t given myself the chance to visit yet.

One of these experiences was whale watching in San Ignacio Lagoon. The moment the baby came next to the boat and curiously inspected who was on it, blowing soft kisses as it approached the gentle hands of the excited, smiling people who caressed them, was really a touching moment (no pun intended). If not everyone, at least most of us thought this was one of the most unforgettable experiences of the journey.

This trip reminded me that I sometimes take these places for granted and that keeps me from visiting them. It’s funny (and uplifting) how this past year I’ve heard quite a few references of how you need to know a place in order to love it. After this, I definitely returned home with an appreciation and care for this place, my backyard, that allowed me to understand what they mean by that.

So go! Visit those places you love or have always wanted to visit that are close to you. Explore to find out what natural wonders, landscapes and wildlife surround you. These experiences define you. Fall in love with home again!

Photo taken at: La Laguna De San Ignacio

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