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Gato, the coconut man in Nosara


For me, one of the greatest things about travel is the opportunity to meet so many different people. I’ve always lived vicariously through other people’s experiences and that has allowed me to learn and grow a lot as a person, but once I started traveling I realized how many stories are out there that I wouldn’t be able to learn from if I never left home.

Meeting all these new people and hearing their stories and getting to know them a bit, I think it’s a huge part of the famous transformational power of travel. This has helped me value more and learn more from the people I have in my life as I realize their uniqueness; sharing with people who have had extraordinary and powerful experiences has helped me to believe in myself and to value my own experiences as powerful and extraordinary; and it also restores hope in me to see how many people out there actually care about others and about our planet.

Gato, like just about everyone in Nosara, is a good example of this. Even after the challenges he has faced in his life, he keeps a great smile on his face and abides by the Nosaran philosophy of treating everyone with the same kindness; and along with his wife, he takes the initiative to process all the waste they produce with their small coconut business to make sure his activity remains sustainable and positive.

I encourage you to get out there and talk to the people you cross paths with both at home and abroad. You’ll be surprised of how much you can learn from everyone!

Thanks to for putting me in the way of so many amazing people.

Photo taken at: Nosara, Costa Rica

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