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First Guided Visit to Faro Viejo (Old Lighthouse) with Yenekamu AC

Yenekamu AC is a committee of local people who are dedicated to preserving the monuments and traditions of the area.

One of their strongest projects is the safekeeping and open access of the local monument El Faro Viejo (the old lighthouse), which is located inside property acquired by a known hotel chain in Mexico.
Yenekamu AC has negotiated with the owners the access to the property in the form of guided tours for people who are interested in learning more about the history of Cabo, and specially for the local kids, who will be the caretakers in the future.
They have big plans to turn this monument into an educational museum, amongst other things, by restoring one of the inside rooms and turning it into a projection room where they’ll play a documentary video about El Faro Viejo, which they themselves are working to create. That will be great to see!

It was an honor to be able to document the first guided tour by Luis H. Castro, member of Yenekamu AC, who was showing local tour-guides-in-the-making what this extraordinary building really is.

Here are a few photos from this Documentary/Lifestyle Photo Shoot. I hope you like them!


  1. Antonieta Toni Sicsik Zatarain says:

    Qué hermosas fotos, hijo, al fín pude conocerlo, viviendo tan cerca de éste monumento y no se permite pasar, nunca he ido!!
    Beautiful presentation, Hassen, finally I get to see how beautiful this monument is, living so close to it never got to see it as they don’t allow entrance to the premises!!

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