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Back in Boca de la Sierra with good friends


Back in Boca de la Sierra with good friends.

This year I’m very grateful for having friends from all over visiting me in Cabo, and for having the chance to show them around some of my beloved spots.

I met Sheridan during my first Adventure Week with @adventure.travel_ right here in Baja Sur two years ago, and Lynda in my third Adventure Week in Brazil a year ago. They both work in @reefs_to_rockies a company that, as Sheridan says, is very focused in conservation through tourism, so it was great to share this hike with two travel professionals who really appreciate places like this.

They were also accompanied by their awesome kids, who are not just very fun to talk to, but it was truly refreshing to see the spirit of #adventure in children of their age.

It was great having you guys in my backyard! Looking forward to another adventure with you!

Photo taken at: Boca De La Sierra, Baja California Sur, Mexico

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