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A quick glimpse of the Antisana Volcano from the mountains of Papallacta in Ecuador


A quick glimpse of the Antisana #Volcano from the #mountains of Papallacta in Ecuador.

This #FBF story is a bit long, but it was such a cool day. During the second day of Adventure Week Ecuador (#AWEcuador), our group was split in two for the #hike to the Papallacta hot springs: the short and the long hike. Since my Storytelling buddy, @filmmakermc was doing the short one, I opted for the long one.

I left most of my stuff in the van, taking with me only my water bottle, my camera, and my backpack’s rain cover to shield it from the ephemeral showers. I put on the very-common-in-Ecuador-hikes rubber boots, listened to some advice on how to proceed when hiking at an altitude of over 4,000 meters, and proceeded to follow the group, ignoring the recommendation of taking it easy several times to catch up or push a bit ahead of the groups for some photos.

Our hike took us about 4 hours of walking very carefully across the rainy, muddy, often steep mountains. Quite a challenge for someone who had lived at sea-level most of his life, was slightly out of shape, and didn’t bring the right socks so had to hike half the way with a bleeding ankle rubbing against the inside of the boot (bring long socks, people! Several of them!).

None-the-less, my experiences so far tell me that whenever you take on a challenge in adventure travel, you often get an unexpected reward that you can only understand and appreciate if you have the right mindset.

In this case, as we were approaching the end of the hike, tired and hungry, the #clouds opened up a bit in the distance for a couple of minutes, allowing me to forget about the pain and marvel at the sight of the Antisana Volcano’s summit. Seems very close, huh? But it’s actually about 10 miles away. It’s huge!

When we finally reached the van that would take us to our expected reward (the hot springs and food!), we all got rid of our rubber boots with unfathomable skill and dropped to the ground to rest for a while and, of course, to shoot an epic ‘after’ selfie that rests deep in someone’s hard drive.

Photo taken at: Termas Papallacta

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