Travel Photographer and Storyteller

I specialize in producing content to tell travel stories using photography, film, and the words and perspectives of those experiencing them, to inspire other travelers to do the same. I believe in the power of travel to transform lives for the better, it has changed mine.

My photography style produces compelling and engaging images that represent a destination, experience or person in a very personal and authentic way, enabling them to tell their own stories.

My personal storytelling style often brings out the positivity and beauty surrounding a travel experience by focusing on personal connections with the people and environment of the trip, while staying true to the challenges and transformational experiences that an adventure traveler can face.

My clients range from families seeking to capture their travel adventure to international travel associations, going through travel agencies, destination tourism boards, tour operators, travel media, etc.

If you would like to work with me to have your story captured, developed or told, please email me at


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Elfin Cove, Alaska


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Stargazing selfie in Playa Misiones, Cabo

⠀ Stargazing selfie in Playa Misiones, Cabo
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Can you guess what pier this is?

⠀ Can you guess what pier this is?
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A view of Western Sierra Madre, Mexico

⠀ A view of Western Sierra Madre, Mexico
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